Coordination of and participation in a Core Group from the private sector (industry, management consultancy, and the legal profession) for the protection and preservation of globally recognised basic science in the Netherlands.

From left to right: Albert Jan Thomassen, director Family Businesses Network Netherlands (FBNed) - Alexander Brink, ASCONA - Frits Eulderink, COO Royal Vopak - Joost Linnemann, CEO Kennedy Van der Laan - Ab van der Touw, Chair supervisory board Leiden University and previous CEO Siemens NL - Marc de Jong, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company.

Since January 2020, a Core Group of executives from the business sector, strategic management consultancy, and the legal profession, has advocated for "Clear Choices and Stable Financing to Strengthen Excellent Science in the Netherlands." In a memorandum of October 2020, prepared in consultation with leading figures from academia, business, and society, the authors sound the alarm about the long-term position and future of Dutch science. There is a significant need for clear choices and targeted investment in the structural enhancement of excellent scientific research if the Netherlands wishes to maintain its position in the global scientific community. This is crucial for the future of our knowledge-based economy and a high-quality society.

Excellent science - both fundamental and strategic - holds significant value for society and the Dutch earning capacity. It also enhances our ability to attract top international talent, benefiting science, business, and society alike, while also strengthening our absorptive capacity. Historically, the Netherlands has delivered many internationally recognized scientific achievements. However, in recent years, the certainty of this has been challenged due to financial shifts. 

This effort ultimately resulted in a special 200M€ summit grants programme of NWO (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research) as of 2022.  

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