ASCONA performs several roles in technology alliances for tech and end user companies


ASCONA facilitates alliances between technology partners and end-users of technology, at times with involvement of universities. It operates from an independent position and leverages a network that is built on trusted relationships in the corporate sector on management and specialist level. Besides, from a rich circle of worldclass scientists.

Initiating and guiding collaborations and alliances

With extensive experience and a background at the intersection of industry and science, encompassing both applied and fundamental aspects, ASCONA can deploy its knowledge, skills, and network to assist in establishing national and international technology alliances for the industry, partnering with both private and academic knowledge entities, and, if requested, providing guidance throughout the process.

Connecting industry to science

ASCONA connects and communicates between science and industry. Both private companies as well as academic research groups contemplate how new scientific insights can become valuable components for medium to long-term innovations. ASCONA excels in establishing the right connections between the industry and these new scientific insights, as well as with private technology partners.

Activating approach

ASCONA addresses and activates a variety of disciplines in research: science & technology, social sciences such as law, ethics & governance with technological domains - e.g. infrastructure and data science. Engaging science cases requires administrative and organisational support and, consequently, a realistic route to taylor-made funding.

Research and innovation

Research feeds long-term innovation. ASCONA creates connections around research that lead to innovation within several technological domains, i.e. energy-efficient computing of the future.


In order to attract and keep talent, it is key to maintain excellent research in the Netherlands. An excellent research and innovation climate pulls top talent from around the world. Academia and industry benefit from a top talent pool.

ASCONA is founded by Alexander Brink

ASCONA is founded by Alexander Brink

ASCONA B.V. is founded by Alexander Brink in 2018. Before he started ASCONA, Alexander worked with IBM Research in Switzerland and the US for many years. He led large research-business (private science alliance) projects, such as the DOME project. Moreover, he was responsible for close cooperations to academic institutions in the Netherlands, the UK and South Africa. During that time, Alexander obtained a lot of knowledge and experience, and built an extensive network within industry and academia. Key words that characterise Alexander’s work are: sharp organisation, thorough structuring of cases, spot-on consultation and a discrete but targeted use of his network.
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